Lac Dye

The appearance of normal lac dye is bright red powder, can dissolve in ethanol and propanediol, slightly dissolved in water, not in cottonseed oil. The appearance of water soluble lac dye is brown powder, and can completely dissolve in purified water.

The color shade of water solution changes when PH is different. When PH is between 3-5, the color is reddish orange. Red to purplish red color when PH is between 5~7, it is purplish red when PH is more than7. It has excellent resistance to high temperature in and acidic medium, but not in alkali medium. It can be influenced by metal ions, especially ferric ion. Before using water soluble lac dye, appropriate quantity of purified water must be used for dissolving lacdye before adding into food or beverage.

CAS: 60687-93-6
HS.CODE: 380993
Molecular Formula: N/A
Molecular Weight: N/A


  • Lac Dye Powder: corrugated box, carton, and plastic drum with inner double plastic bags, net weight is 10KGS or 20 KGS.
  • Lac Dye Liquid: plastic drum, net weight is 20KGS.

Usage Reference

The maximum usage Lac Dye for all products is 0.5g/kg.

Legal registered number

CNS: 08.104
KFDA: Natural Additives, 13
Japanese NO: Natural Additives, 462

Specifications of Lac Dye

Items Enterprise Standard
Normal Product Water soluble
Color Value E(1%,1cm,490±3nm) 130~160 70~160
Loss on Drying % Less than 10 10
Ash % Less than .8 13
PH 3~4 4~6
Lead(as Pb) mg/kg Less than 5 5
Arsenic(as As) mg/kg Less than 2 2
Pathogenic Bacteria Negative Negative

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